Thursday, August 8, 2013

Chicago part 1: The Big City

     About a month ago I went to Chicago. The first 2 nights I stayed in the big city. When we arrived we took the L witch is the loop and it goes around Chicago and we took it to our hotel. Ridding the train was a lot different than the max. It was a bit scary for the first time because it was really loud. Sense we were in the city we walked to most places. That night we went to the Willis Tower witch is now the 2nd tallest building in the US. There wasn't a balcony but the were all glass even the floor walkouts and I got to see the city from one.
   The next morning we headed off to The Bean. Th Bean is a giant bean shaped thing and its a mirror so you can take pictures of yourself in it. In the park area we were at there was also 2 big things and you could put your face on it!!!!!!! From there we went to the american girl doll store where I got a new american girl! The store was filled with so many american girl stuff I almost forgot we were in a building not just a store!!! After that we took a cab to The Museum of Science There were a lot of things to look at we didn't even cover half! There was this cool I think tornado thing that blew air on you so you could see what it felt like. After that our last stop was a replica of the fountain at Buckingham palace. From there we walked back to our hotel and a few minutes later we met my moms old collage friend and her two girls that were staying with us that night. That same night we went out to dinner and met my moms two other collage fiends. We walked back to the hotel and went to bed.
   The next morning we went to breakfast with my moms godmother then we went on a water taxi and learned a little history about Chicago. Then i did my last look at the american girl store and we left the big city.

Please vote for one name for my american girl:   1. Olivia
                                                                             2. Lucy
                                                                             3. Cassie

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